Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bringing back the sparkle!

By Naomi

I was really shocked to learn how bad metal mining is for the environment. Research shows that only 0.00001% (one hundred thousandth of 1 per cent) of ore is refined into gold and the rest is wasted. Metals mining was identified as the top polluter in the US, creating 46% of all toxic waste of all industries combined, 96% of arsenic emissions and 76% of all lead emissions.*

Thankfully there is a company out there working to educate people about these problems and creating some really beautiful jewellery from recycled silver and vermeil. Avasarah offers its own range beautiful creations alongside those from ethical designers. Their pieces offer a super-chic take on natural patterns, textures and motifs and have been seen in the likes of ELLE, Grazia and Marie Claire.

I spoke to co-founder Michelle, who explained, "Very few people are aware of how destructive the processes and industries behind all the beauty of jewellery are."

Films like Blood Diamond are playing an enormous role in shocking the public into actions, however few realise that diamonds are only the tip of the iceberg. All metals, not just precious platinum, gold and silver are part of a toxic industry that destroys not just the land but the lives of the people on it."

Most importantly, te pieces are totally lust-worthy! I am in love with Catherine Weitzman's range which includes the timelessly romantic interpretation of the rockabilly icon of the swallow in the Vermeil Olive Branch Necklace (£108) and the Silver Bird on a Branch earrings (£56).

The Double Heart Necklace (£121) on a long chain is perfect teamed with an LBD for evening glamour and over a simple t-shirt for a daytime look.

Find them both and many more online at


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