Friday, 29 April 2011

Exciting news for people & planet!

By Lorna

Sadly the exciting news is not that Ecogoddess got invites to the Royal Wedding bash today (although that would have been very exciting!) This news actually comes from our friends at the Environmental Justice Foundation...

It was announced today that Delegates at the Stockholm Convention conference of parties have made the decision to list Endosulfan (an extremely toxic chemical pesticide) under Annex A of the Convention. This is basically a global ban on all production and use within the next 5 years. This is a major victory for people and planet!!!
Endosulfan is widely used in cotton production and is the dominant pesticide in the cotton sector in 19 countries. In a single province of Benin, at least 37 people died from endosulfan poisoning in just one cotton season. 

An estimated 1 million to 5 million cases of pesticide poisoning occur every year, resulting in 20,000 reported deaths among agricultural workers (including cotton production) and at least 1 million requiring hospitalisation. 

Acute symptoms of pesticide poisoning include headaches, vomiting, tremors, lack of coordination, difficulty breathing or respiratory depression, loss of consciousness, seizures and death. Chronic effects of long-term pesticide exposure include impaired memory and concentration, disorientation, severe depression and confusion.
Massive thank you to everyone who has supported the Environmental Justice Foundation's campaign to ban this horrific pesticide. 

LONG LIVE ORGANIC COTTON!!!!!! ...... and the pesticide free workers who grow it! : )

To find out more about the Pesticides & Cotton click here
To read about the impact of Endosulfan in India click here

Monday, 25 April 2011

A 'the-wedding-bells-are-ringing' Monday treat!

by Naomi

It's only a few days until the wedding of the decade, and it is sure to be an occasion that kicks of the wedding season in style!

Finding engagement and wedding gifts with a personal touch and a stylish finish can be tricky, and even more so when you want to pick something with good eco and ethical credentials.
So here at Eco Goddess, we figured that whether you are nipping down to rub shoulders with the Royals, or celebrating the nuptials of some loved ones, some beautiful gift suggestions could come in handy. is one of my favourite go-to places for amazing gifts - they support small producers by acting as an online portal and have a huge array of ideas perfect for such occasions.

I think I may have fallen in love with the following:

These Love Pillowcases (£29.75) are perfect for the couple that love to make a bright and funky statement. They are made in Britain.
Love Pillowcases image courtesy of
This Personalised Hanging Sign (£34) is just the right amount of kitsch and a great way to help a couple remember their special day. They are made in Britain from reclaimed wood.

Hanging Sign image courtesy of

Continuing on the personalised theme, this I Love You Tile (£18) is one of my favourites as it is romantic yet rugged. You can choose the names, the colour of the heart, and even add a date at the bottom. Made by hand in Britain.
I Love You Tile image courtesy of

Of course, photo frames are always a popular option, and with good cause - the right one will win its place in the heart of the lucky couple. This Personalised Wooden Heart Frame (£25) is so cute and you can choose the message yourself. Made in Britain.

There were so many other ideas that caught my eye - but not enough space or time to show you them all, so be sure to check out the website. We would really love to hear your ideas for eco and ethical wedding gifts - tweet us at EcoGoddess1!

Enjoy the Royal festivities! -x-

Facts: Eco and ethical wedding gift ideas,, made in Britain.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Amazing beauty offer alert!

by Naomi

The good folks at Origins know that it's that time of year to get our skin primed for summer, and have a great offer on to give us goddesses a hand.

As reported on MoneySavingExpert, if you visit any Origins counter (at Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser amongst others) and trade in any beauty product (it can be old, new, full or empty) you will receive a full size cleanser or face wash completely free - £££Kerching!

The deal is only available on the 21st and 22nd of April, and it's one per person, so get one of your unwanted beauty products (lord know I have enough of them) and get your butt down to an Origins counter!

Origins specialises in beauty products made from natural ingredients - for more about their ethos click here

Cleansers available include:

Never A Dull Moment - for combination/oily skin, £16

A Perfect World - best for age fighting protection and dry skin, £16

Checks and Balances face wash - best for all skin types, £16

Enjoy some sexy summer skin - for free!


Facts: Origins offer - free face wash or cleanser, 21st and 22nd of April, 2011.

Monday, 18 April 2011

An almost-on-holiday Monday treat!

by Naomi

The bank hols are just around the corner and that holiday feeling is slowly creeping up on everyone!

One of the things I love about time off is that, when the weather is warm there's nothing better than chilling in relaxed summery casuals. Barbecues with friends, that balmy breeze and the smell of suncream - ooh it's almost like being on holiday!

I've been keeping my eye out for pieces that ooze that chilled summery vibe and I think I have found a few gems!

The ASOS AFRICA range has some pretty tasty looking designs, like these peg-leg trousers with a leaf print (£45). OK, so you may not actually be on safari or stood in a vibrant African market, but with trousers produced in Mombasa and championing a Kitenge print from Tanzania, they are enough to make you feel like you could be!

I also LOVE this jacket and shorts combo, both also made in Mombasa. Perfection in peach!

The cropped jacket is a linen mix and I love the way it drapes - so elegant yet laid back (£50). The shorts are lightweight cotton with a soft handle finish, and a gorgeous rustic stripe and stylish cut that makes them great for day-to-night socialising (£30). Oops - I think I may have talked myself into buying these!

Last but not least, this Maradufu dress by Lalesso is simply gorgeous (£85). Lalesso is all about care-free summer style; it champions the talent of African artisans and created "an independent, charity based, eco and ethical clothing production unit," which it uses for all of its production.

If you're detecting a slightly African theme, it's no coincidence! I think I have been subconsciously inspired by my recent involvement with the charity The Mustard Seed Project, a UK registered charity which works to improve the lives of those that live in the Mgongeni in Kenya.

They are a really passionate and hardworking team, and fully believe in the ethos of empowerment not aid. More about my work with them in due course, but please do visit their website to find out more, and donate if you can. :)

Have a great week and some great days off!


Facts: ASOS AFRICA: supporting African artisans and production; Lalesso: uses an ethical factory and African prints; The Mustard Seed Project in Mgongeni, Kenya - empowerment not aid.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Super cute eco flats!

By Lorna

In true british style, all it took was a few unexpected days of BEAUTIFUL hot sunny weather for the whole nation to get their pasty legs out, flip-flops on and BBQs dusted off. I LOVE it! The British optimism about summer is so contagious - I can't wait to be shed of all the layers of winter and rock sum summery eco threads. I will be documenting all the essential S/S11 trends and my own summer-y purchases here so keep your eyes peeled. I started this weekend by getting re-acquainted with my summer wardrobe and my serious lack of summery shoes... check out these gorgeous African print ballet pumps for a great place to start!

Lalesso batik prints are made in Kenya under a fair scheme, supporting communities. At £30 a pop we think they are a great way to add some pattern to your wardrobe. You can find them in all sorts of colours and patterns here

Facts: Lalesso batik print shoes: supporting communities in Kenya, £30 a pair, available from Lalesso.

Monday, 11 April 2011

A fashion-fabulous health conscious Monday treat!

by Naomi

Wow - what beautiful sunshine this weekend brought us Brits! Everyone was out enjoying the heat and delving back into their summer wardrobes for the first time.

The sunshine always inspires me to try and get fit (try being the operative word!) and be a bit healthier in my lifestyle, so it's quite timely that this week's Monday post is about two new collections supporting some important health campaigns.

H&M's soon-to-launch Fashion Against Aids 2011 collection will be hitting shops on April 26, and is all about the androgynous street style mixed with casual essentials. 

Lots of celebs are supporting the campaign, including Keri Hilson, Selma Blair, Penn Badgley, Akon, Ginnifer Goodwin and the Scissor Sisters, and 25% of the sales are being donated to the charity Designers Against AIDS (DAA) and various other international HIV/AIDS prevention projects.

Ginnifer Goodwin (T-shirt £19.99)
Keri Hilson (Jumpsuit - £29.99)

Some of the pieces certainly aren't for the faint of fashion-heart, but that's kind of the way we like it here at Eco Goddess! The great thing about the collection is that it incorporates designs for those that want to wear their heart on their sleeve, and stylish essentials for those that just want fashion that gives to a good cause!

So you can say it loud and proud...
Vest - £6.99
 Or just have a warm glow in your heart knowing you have made a difference and got a lovely item of clothing at the same time...

Trench Coat - £34.99

There are plenty of pieces for the boyshapes and girlshapes as each design has been interpreted into menswear and womenswear.

Penn Badgley (Hooded Jacket £24.99, Scarf £6.99)

The new limited edition Tommy Hilfiger bag, supporting Breast Health International, has also just been launched, with Renée Zellweger as the face of this year's campaign. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, with a soft suede finish, it is the perfect everday bag, and €100 from each sale will be donated to the Fund for Living, supporting those affected by breast cancer.

Plenty of food for thought! -x-

Facts: Fashion - health campaigns; Fashion Against Aids and H&M - available from April 26; Tommy Hilfiger and Breast Health International, limited-edition handbag made from vegetable-tanned leather.

Monday, 4 April 2011

A double-whammy dazzling-discount Monday treat!

by Naomi

Hi guys. Firstly I must apologise for the lack of Monday treat last week - I was poorly sick and not up to thinking, let alone blogging. But fear not as I am going to make it up to you with a double-whammy Monday treat!

I found this sexy little vest at Silvr Lining, an American eco-conscious design company. It's $120, made from organic cotton, and ultimately is grunge-chic meets gothic-hotness! In fact methinx my fellow blogger (and lover of all things sexy and punk), Lorna may particularly like it.

It's perfection layered over hotpants or skinnies and for day or night.

The second treat I bring to you is a special offer!!!!

Black Dog Publishing is re-releasing the wonderful Eco Chic: The Fashion Paradox, written by Sandy Black and is offering all Eco Goddesses 40% off!

The book is a great introduction to the way that the fashion industry operates and the many complex issues surrounding the notion of eco-fashion: from the natural vs synthetic debate to the issues involved with donating unwanted textiles to third word countries.

It has some really interesting insights into companies such as THTC and Gossypium, and is packed with beautiful photography of eco-fashion creations, making it a great coffee table number and one to leave out for your friends and family to flick through!

RRP is £24.95, but for you guys it is available for only £14.97 - simply email and quote 'Eco Goddess Fashion Offer' to take advantage!

Have a great week!


Facts: Silvr Lining Soft -Torn Eco Goth Tee Top made from organic cotton -  $120. Eco Chic: The Fashion Paradox by Sandy Black, on special offer to Eco Goddess Readers.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Recycled Bijoux.. Diamonds+Pearls+Charms+Chains = LOVE!

By Lorna
In a small market off brick lane I recently stumbled across the most incredible jewelry I have seen for a long long time - Maria Zureta Recycled Bijoux by Roberto Costa. This collection of handmade jewellery is the beautiful product of an ideology of adaptation and re-use. Painstakingly gathered from a variety of sources, each unique piece offers a little re-birth for overlooked, unwanted, or broken materials, lovingly juxtaposed. True Eco-Decadence!! Loving this turquoise lizard piece..

Lust away online at this stockist... or message Roberto Costa on facebook to see what beautiful & unique pieces he is currently creating!