Thursday, 22 December 2011


By Lorna
 DIY Charm Bracelets & Gift Toppers
I've just seen these super cute charm bracelets on Free People's blog... There are step by set instructions on what you will need and how to make them HERE. Max your eco potential by using recycled charms from broken or vintage jewellery. As well as being good little personal (last minute) handmade gifts, they make lovely Christmas wrapping toppers... Enjoy! xx
charm bracelet2 DIY Charm Bracelets & Gift Toppers
charm bracelet5 DIY Charm Bracelets & Gift Toppers
charm bracelet4 DIY Charm Bracelets & Gift Toppers
gift toppers6 DIY Charm Bracelets & Gift Toppers

Thursday, 8 December 2011

People Tree - Ethical Christmas Gifts made easy! - 40%

By Lorna
It's that time of year again and I'm slightly panicking that all my good intentions of making ethical Christmas Gifts aren't going quite as well as I had hoped! But once again, the lovely people at People Tree have come to the rescue!! Wooop! Sale ends Friday at midnight so get shopping!! xx

Once you've got everyone else sorted, head down to the People Tree Sample Sale next weekend and pick up some last minute presents for yourself! xx
Facts: People Tree, Ethical, Sustainable, Recycled, Fair Trade, Organic and Beautiful. Sample Sale. 16th-17th December 2011, Friday 6-8pm and Sat 11-6pm, Ethical Christmas!! 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ditch the wrapping paper for something more stylish!

by Naomi

I've already got Christmas fever! And....I've been inspired! Wrapping paper is convenient and pretty cheap but soo wasteful, so why not go for something a little more creative?

Such a simple idea, but done so effectively, the Evergreen Wrap is a resuable wrap that can be used to turn almost any shape prezzie into a fabulously wrapped work of art! There are loads of tutorials on their website that show you exactly how to wrap your gift of choice.

The nordic ski pattern on this special Christmas design is tugging on my heart strings!

Another idea I have used for gifts for girlies is to make a little cotton drawstring bag - they are great as you can recycle fabric (cotton or poly-cotton works well) and add on little decorations to personalise them! They can be reused as gift bags, or to keep shoes or laundry neat when staying away! Perfick!

I use a pattern similar to the wonderful Cherry Menlove's one here. I will try and upload some piccies of Xmas bags soon!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Own A Colour & Help Save A Child's Life!

By Lorna
Yay! Ecogoddess Fashion are now the proud owners of our very own DULUX colour! (please can I get a whoop!?) We are the latest in a whole string of celebs (ha) to buy and name our own colour online. In a genius fundraising idea, Dulux and Unicef have partnered to sell off the naming rights for every single one of the 16.7 million colours that the average  monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone screen can display. For a donation of just £1, you get to choose a colour, name it whatever you like and then well.... own it. The money goes to Unicef for bringing clean water, education, medical assistance and other aid to children across the world. Pure, Simple, Brilliant!

One happy customer is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore."I am the proud new owner of a shade of blue, which I have named Swedish Blue", said Sir Roger.
"It is the colour of the Swedish flag, the homeland of my very wonderful and very beautiful wife, Kristina, and not far off the cyan blue that represents UNICEF. Both Kristina and UNICEF are extremely close to my heart."

Own you own colour by clicking here
We would love to know what colour you choose and why? leave us a comment below to share your colour stories! xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Inspired - A very exciting event this Sat!!

By Lorna
Saturday, 15th of October 2011@ The Kensington Roof Gardens


What are your plans for this Saturday eve? No plans yet, or too many to actually commit? Well, here at Ecogoddess HQ, we think we have found you the perfect night out!! At one of the most beautiful venues London has to offer, Kensington Roof Gardens, Mayamiko Trust are hosting a charity night like no other...'Inspired'. In collaboration with Slaves of the Extraordinary, there will be emerging fashion, music, ground breaking performance and dancers. Sounds good to me!

The following ethical designers will be featured: Lauren Solomon for SLAVES OF THE EXTRAORDINARY, MIA by Mia Nisbet, Fair+TRUE, Bestow Elan and Christi Sanders. There will also be music and performances from the following: Listen, feel and taste the wonderful cocktail of emerging musicians, DJs and dancers including E.I.C Dance Theatre, Michelle Cade and Catwalk music by Jakub Gaudasinski.

The event sounds fab but.... what is this REALLY about? The mission statement of the Mayamiko Trust charity is ''Empowering local communities through skills and fairer trade. To help people lift themselves out of poverty and end injustice.'' Malawi is one of the world's poorest countries with well over half the population in extreme poverty and 175 out of 1000 children die before they reach the age of 5 (World Health Statistics). Unsurprisingly then, a charity aiming to lift people out of poverty has started here - The Malawi Cotton project outlines plans to set up a factory (plans below) to produce clothing to sell to both the local and international markets. There will be education, training and childcare available to the local women who work here to allow them to generate a sustainable reliable income. They will have the life changing ability to support themselves and their family and free themselves of extreme poverty.

Mayamiko Cotton Project - Plan

''We watch, we listen, we learn, we act. Through skills training, education, nutrition, sanitation and fairer trade practices. Mayamiko works to support creative talents and turn them into sustainable activities. Mayamiko loves everyone, but has a special soft spot for the most vulnerable - women and children.'' Mayamito Trust 2011

I will be going to this great event and I would love to meet you so drop us a comment below if you are going. If you know of any other exciting Ethical Fashion event happening in your area - get in touch, we love hearing from you!

To buy tickets and support this inspirational charity click here
To read more about the Malawi Cotton Project click here

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

DIY printing... a new project!

By Lorna

I bought a really cool book last month on ''hand printing techniques and truly original projects.'' Its name alone intrigued me! Finally a book which could help me slowly and confidently get into the messy delights of hand printing. The author, Christine Schmidt, neither treats you as a child nor an artist but instead delivers beautifully concise direction and wonderful illustrations to allow full clarity.  She has been printing for years and offers genuine well practiced advice. The book is a joy to read even if you have not yet put ink to paper (which I guiltily haven't)!
As inspiration to get my printing hobby to get started - I have found the perfect aids. Wandering around Camden in the sun this monday I saw a shop full of ecclectic treasures from India. What attracted my interest immediatly was a bowl of hand carved indian printing blocks. There were £4 each and I imagine most people would buy them as an orniment or decoration. Perfect tools for a first time hand-printer. The timing couldn't be better... 3 months until (dare I say it....) Christmas!! I'm completely ashamed to mention it so early but if you are intending to DIY any lovely presents then now is a good time to start thinking up some projects!
Printing is a brilliantly simple way to re-use charity shop/ vintage fabrics, upcycle old clothing and give long forgotten treasures some new life. I'm going to 'attempt' to make some little make-up bags using vintage fabrics and my new print blocks. If successful I will post full instructions and patterns here so you can make some too!! watch this space for Ecogoddess DIY projects....

Facts: Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, Upcycled presents, Handmade, DIY, Indian hand carved blocks.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Scribbling some more!

by Naomi

You know how I said I love to scribble? Well only a couple of days after posting I discovered another eco notebook that I think is pretty rad (yes I am totally bringing that word back into fashion!).

These simply elegant notepads and address books are made by Betty & Betts, who work closely with artisans in India. All the books are acid free, biodegradable or made from post-consummer waste, and the fabric is 100% organic. We like!

Betty & Betts books

I think they would make lovely gifts, wrapped in a vintage scarf or even just with a pen and a little ribbon! Single books start at £10 and these gift sets are £22.

Scribble, scribble, scribble!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pucker up Eco Goddesses!

by Naomi

No-one wants to spend a season kiss-free so if the onset of Autumn/Winter means cracked and chapped lips then it's time to invest in a good eco lip balm! I've compiled a selection with something for every pocket.

Eco Beauty Bargain has to go to Filberts Lime & Coconut Natural Lip Balm (£3.70) which is made with Devonshire beeswax and oil and a free from synthetic perfumes and mineral oils.

Tempting Eco Beauty Treat is Burt's Bees' range of tinted lip balms (£5.99) perfect for keeping your lips super smooochable!

Eco Beauty Splurge would definitely be Andrea Garland's Lovely Lip Balms (£16 - £24)  - I have total eco envy over her creative use of vintage tins to store yummy balms.

Happy lip locking!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

EDUN - CATWALK REPORT - New York Spring/Summer 2012

By Lorna

EXCITING TIMES!!!!!! New York fashion week is going on as I type and London Fashion Week starts on friday (16th). Most of my friends are frantically cutting patterns, sewing together final outfits, printing lookbooks and sending out invites. One of the New York shows I was most looking forward to was ethical label EDUN. Since Sharon Wauchob took the creative direction reins, this label has had a profound injection of style and craftsmanship. The SS12 show featured a skillful mash-up of iconic florals overprinted with african patterns, mesh sportswear references and a beautiful optomistic pallete of red and blue hues. Edun supports six factories accross Africa where 37 per cent of the women's line is made, the label's ethos being ''Trade not Aid''. I LOVE IT!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

36 hours to Save Our Seas!!!

By Lorna

Here at Ecogoddess, we have a view - We believe in protecting people and planet from destruction through making good life choices. These decisions are daily - what you wear, where you shop, what food you eat and which issues you choose to put your name to, when you have a chance to be heard internationally. 
We are at a critical point right now where society has a real chance to protect our oceans from the horrendous damage it suffers daily through bottom-trawling. A campaign fronted by Avaaz (details below) is ending in 36hours and is trying to get half a million signatures to deliver to UN policy makers. Please be one of them.

Thank you from the Ecogoddess girls xx 

Our oceans are being systematically destroyed and we have 48 hours to raise the alarm. The seafood industry uses long chains of heavy metal disks to drag nets across the sea floor in search of fish, crushing everything in their path. This bottom-trawling is like clear-cutting a forest to catch a parrot -- and only our outcry can stop it.

In two days, UN policy-makers are meeting to review the impacts of this deadly practice. Pacific island nations are fighting to save the oceans and have appealed to Avaaz members to stand with them. This is our chance to win -- if enough of us speak out now, it will strengthen their hand against big fishing countries, and will embolden serious players like the US and Australia, who have already banned bottom-trawling in their waters, to push for protection everywhere. 

Let's build an urgent call to stop the senseless destruction of our oceans -- and delegates will deliver our voices directly to the UN meeting. Sign now and help us reach half a million voices in the next 48 hours: 

Massive fishing trawlers systematically move from one deep-sea ecosystem to another, crushing coral reefs, sucking up all living creatures and leaving vast deserts behind them that won’t regenerate for hundreds of years. In a single swoop, some boats are capable of clearing an area the size of 5000 football pitches. Canada, Russia and Spain lead the world in spreading this destruction throughout our most diverse and precious waters.

Already, major fishing nations have had 6 years to study the effects of bottom-trawling and move towards more sustainable practices. Most have failed to live up to their commitments to ocean protection and continue to direct huge subsidies -- over 162 million dollars a year -- to ocean clear-cuts.

This week’s meeting is our moment to turn the tide on this destruction. An international team of marine scientists recently called for a permanent end to deep-sea fishing, and the EU Fisheries Commissioner has spoken out against government subsidies to deep-sea trawlers. The momentum is growing, but it will take a massive global outcry to turn the UN meeting into an important accountability moment. Join the call to save our oceans, sign the petition now, and forward to your friends:

Just last year, Avaaz members provided crucial backing for the UK to create the world’s largest marine reserve. We also helped thrust a meeting on whales into the international spotlight, winning an extension on the global whaling ban. When we work together, we really do make a difference in preserving our seas and the rich diversity of our world’s creatures! Let’s stand together now with Pacific nations and all ocean-defenders to usher in a new era of conservation and protection. 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Scribbling to my heart's content

by Naomi

I LOVE notepads. I think it's the feeling of possibility that comes with a fresh page - the idea that I could use it to do anything from starting a novel to writing a shopping list.... (ok that latter is more likely!).

I LOVE to scribble, doodle and make lists. I LOVE to write down recipes, and ideas for gifts or crafts. And I'm a little bit addicted to organising things. Lorna knows this and found me the perfect eco solution: a reecovid notepad.

It's a refillable ring binder - which means I can scrawl to my heart's content. The notepaper is made from acid-free recycled paper and the printing is done with vegetable dye. The covers are protected with a biodegradable coating.

I've got the Joss one (above £14.99) but there are lots of other designs available here.  A donation from each sale also goes toward the reecovid foundation, which is working to assist women in their recovery from sexual violence.

Happy scribbling guys!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A beautiful boutique

by Naomi

I discovered a great ethical find, whilst in the gorgeous city of York (which is really worth a visit!).

I don't think I would have chanced upon it, had I not got completely lost, but I'm glad I did!

Tucked away down a cobbled side street is......

the One Responsibly Gorgeous Ethical Boutique.

It is bursting at the seams with lovely ethical treats. My heart skipped a beat when I spied a stunning cropped bustier by Deborah Lindquist, made from vintage kimono material. It was delicious.

I couldn't find similar online, but the brand does some pretty cool other bits including this sexy Racquel shredded organic cotton t-shirt at $160.
I was also hankering after the jewellery by Kate Hamilton Hunter and Just Trade, and the clothing by Patchouli Fair.

They also have a website here, if you can't get to York anytime soon!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

TREND ALERT...Go wild with Navajo eco style!

By Lorna
Dressing 'eco' or 'ethically aware' can sometimes mean we miss key fashion trends - but with our new TREND ALERT posts we will be scouring the eco fashion world to make ECO GODDESS your one-stop site for fashion led product. The key is choosing products that looks cool, will support communities and will last. 
Global Traveller, Go Wild, Navajo Style... whatever the 'catchphrase' this trend is here to stay! It's a buzzword for both Spring/Summer 2012 and Autumn/Winter 2013 (which we are now designing at work) so buying into one of these lush Melie Bianco vegan duffle bags at £75 will see you through...
Enjoy! x

Available here
Facts: Melie Bianco bags at £75, Vegan Duffle Bag, Ethical, Navajo, Eco, WIld, Western

Monday, 15 August 2011


By Lorna
Apologies, Eco goddesses for my recent hiatus from blogging. I'm blaming it on flat hunting/moving house/ no internet and going to far too many weddings this month to count! But fear not, I am back with a vengeance... bringing you some RIDICULOUSLY cool denim shorts from East London label BITCHING AND JUNKFOOD. If you remember 90s grunge with a fondness or you've ever thought Alice Dellah looked cool... you are going to L-O-V-E these 'remade' bad boys!!!!!!

Alice Dellah - Model
Snakeskin Cross Shorts
Studded Ripped Shorts

Facts: Remade, Vintage, Studded, Denim, Snakeskin, Bitching and Junkfood £80 from Urban Outfitters