Thursday, 26 November 2009

You're hired!

By Naomi

For those who haven't already heard, Topshop is running a fabulous designer dress hire service at its Oxford Street store! The perfect solution to the problem of finding something chic for those festive celebrations!

Take a strut on down to Dress Me Up! between now and the 6th of December, and let out your inner glam kitten with a piece of fashion history. Designer dresses have been donated by celebrities from Freida Pinto (Burberry) to Jourdan Dunn (Herve Leger) as well as pieces from Christopher Kane, Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbanna.

So this Christmas you could be hitting the dancefloor sporting a frock worn by Naomi Cambell for a mere £40! What's more, all the proceeds are being donated to Age Concern and Help the Aged, which means you will be doing your good deed for the week whilst looking flipping fabulous!

Below are a selection of shots from the Dress Me Up! boutique. My fave is the black beaded flapper-style number by Antik Batik, and donated by Kimberley Stewart, which looks effortlessly glam.

Photography by Bella Howard for Topshop.

If you find that after a night of hot fashion lust with one of these beauties you have fallen head over heels in love, fear not; they are all being auctioned off after Christmas!

Find out more at

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Nina Dolcetti- Gorgeous Upcycled Shoe Heaven!

By Lorna

Ouhhhhh pretty! ...Yes thoses were my first thoughts when I saw these shoes too!

Welcome fellow Eco Goddesses to the beautiful world of Nina Dolcetti shoes! One thing the eco market is relatively short of is beautiful ethical shoes so I was really excited to stumble across this collection made from entirely reclaimed materials!

Designer Elisalex Grunfeld de Castro graduated from world-renowned footwear design college- Cordwainers in 2005 and launched her high end luxury show label Nina Dolcetti at the Estethica exhibition at London Fashion Week in 2008. Her collection of unique handmade shoes creates the perfect synergy between conscious attitude and avant garde elegant fashion.

Each carefully crafted shoe is designed and constructed to re-use off-cuts and use unwanted pre-consumer waste. This reduces waste within the fashion industry and avoids the environmentally unfriendly effects of leather tanning. Each pair is handmade in a small family run factory in East London.

These shoes are so beautiful, both in their design and their ethics. As a designer if you love what you do, I believe it comes across in what you design and produce. Now, this may be a romanticized image but I feel like you can really see the love that went into designing and making these shoes and who knows, maybe when you wear them you can feel it too! 
Nina Dolcetti shoes are available from

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Calorie-free chocolate!

Ok, the title is a little misleading. I haven't discovered chocolate that won't put paid to any plans of pre-Christmas detoxing. I wish I had, particularly since I have been using the news that Cadbury's Dairy Milk has gone Fairtrade as an excuse to eat chocolate!

What I am talking about is Nubar's new collection of nail varnishes, Chocolate Truffles, with shades delicious enough to have you running to the shop for a chocolate fix!

Nubar are experts at making unusual shades wearable; regular readers may remember my post about the launch of the Going Green collection. I have to say, brown on the whole is not really 'me'. However, I was really impressed with the Chocolate Coffee Bean shade, which is a sultry dark brown with a purple shimmer that adds a touch of glamour. They are carcinogen, phthalates, formaldehyde and toluene free as well as being vegetarian and vegan friendly, so at least they won't damage the environment, even if they do damage your diet!
For more information visit

Facts: eco-friendly nail varnish, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene and carcinogen free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Nubar.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tis the season for stylish giving!

by Naomi

After my recent post all about the treasures that I am lusting after for Christmas, I thought I should redress the balance by offering up ideas for some lovely things to give others, because did you know that Christmas is also about giving?! Nope?...Me either! :D

Gifts for your sister or girlfriends:
Lush do some srummy body and beauty products and always indulge in some festive cheer! The EggSnog lip balm (£5) - made from walnut oil, hazelnut oil and shea butter - will have lips prepped for cheering in the New Year in no time. Oh and its vegan friendly too!

For friends that have flown the parental nest, charity shops are a mine of kitsch and retro housewares such as vintage cake stands, dessert dishes, dainty tea sets, decanters (which I think are due a comeback!) and casserole dishes. Create a mix-and-match dinner set or seek out a stylish vase. Just make sure you have a good idea of your friend's taste otherwise your present may end up adorning the shelves of the cupboard under the stairs! They are also great for weird and wonderful books; for one friend's present I sourced books featuring heroines of the same name.

If you are feeling crafty, perhaps make some cushion covers, an apron or some napkins. For an apron pattern, simply draw round an existing apron, add extra width for hemming and hey presto! I used wide ribbon to make the waist and neck ties and am going to use the excess material to make some pockets.

Gifts for your Mummy dearest (or aunty for that matter!):
Marks & Spencer has a good selection of fairtrade flowers online, many with a free box of chocolates if you order before the 21st November. If you want a more sustainable option, then a rose plant or orchid will last longer; team with some fairtrade chocolate and job is a good'un! Alternatively, The Body Shop is often a great place to find something to pamper her with. For something a little different, why not organise a nice girly day out at an eco-friendly spa? There are a few to choose from including the Yu SPA, Dundee, the Monart Destination Spa, Ireland, and the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa in Cornwall.

For your Dad:
When it comes to buying for dads it is often easy to just pick up the latest gadget or novelty toy (another comedy bottle-opener anyone?) This Christmas I am going to make a real effort to find something that my dad will appreciate and enjoy. I think a nice food hamper always goes down well. You could make your own chutney or jam, bake biscuits or make chocolate truffles. For dads that like to cook, you could make some infused oils and salts. There are lots of recipes online. I am going for some nice wine, such as an organic Bodegas Palacio Rioja as well as some cheese, gingerbread and dark fairtrade chocolate.

For your boyfriend:
If your man is anything like mine, the topic of him wearing eco-friendly clothes etc is not even worth broaching. Its not that mine is against the ideas behind it, but as someone that only buys new clothes when the old ones literally fall off his body, (he is probably more eco-friendly than I am without even trying!) any new clothes have to be meticulously chosen and are bought purely based on their looks.

The only way I think I can get my very fussy boyfriend into planet-friendly threads is if they are even more appealing than what is already out there. Fortunately I have found one brand. Spunky's range of organic clothes feature some pretty wonderful off-the-wall designs from independent artists. I particularly like this Cat Zapp design, available on a t-shirt (£24.99) or a hoody (£49.99). Spunky's green credentials are second-to-none, from only using organic cotton to manufacture the t-shirts and hoodies, to banking with Tridos and cycling to work!

Crafty ideas:
Why not make your friends and family personalised Santa stockings? Use some felt, velvet or perhaps thick cotton and finish along the top with something white a fluffy! You could opt for a country stocking with a check pattern and lace trim, or something modern in an unconventional print. You could add a further personal touch by embroidering or gluing the recipient's name on. Fill clean old jam jars with layers of their favourite penny sweets or chocolates and top with some cute fabric and an elastic band.

Instead of giving cards to my colleagues this Christmas I am instead going to save on the paper (which generally just gets binned or am I being cynical?) and make Christmas cupcakes. If cupcakes don't appeal, you could make cookies, mince pies, gingerbread men or chocolates!

For more information visit:

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ascension launches London flagship store... the first dedicated ethical fashion store in Central London!!!

By Lorna

Last night saw the press launch of the London Ascension Flagship store and as your dedicated ecogoddess fashion researchers, myself and Naomi headed down to check it out! ...

The Ascension Flagship Store is at St. Christopher’s Place, in the heart of London’s West End and is a really beautiful fresh showcase for a collection of outstanding ethical and sustainable brands. The own label Ascension and Ascension Originals collections are showcased in store, along with over 50 other delicious ethical brands... including Edun, Beautiful Soul, Bllack, Fin, Frank & Faith, Kuyichi, Annie Greenabelle and Stewart & Brown.

The design of the store itself maintains an aesthetic of understated elegance, which reflects the company’s heritage. I was particularly loving the art installations from Christine Sterlini with her gorgeous ceramic butterflies fluttering up the staircase. These butterflies are also hidden allover London raising awareness of mental health issues in collaboration with the charity organization Cooltan Arts. This is just one example of how Ascension has chosen authenticity and depth over the high street shop fit norm in order to create a space that feels really special. There is even a mini library where you can read up on sum eco goddess tips from Divine fair-trade chocolate cookbooks or eco style bibles!

Previously in an attempt to shop ethically (on a budget!) I have been slightly addicted to eBay, charity shops and ethical sample sales, however the Ascension Store has now set a precedence for high street stores by playing host to such a carefully selected range of beautiful and different ethical brands, which are all comparable in price to their high street counterparts! The Ascension store should be clearly marked on all eco goddess’ radars as a must visit store for all your sustainable fashion needs!!

And as the tagline of the store states...ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! x

To view Ascension clothing visit

Friday, 6 November 2009

Organic jeans for a nifty fifty!

by Naomi

After my initial search for some planet-friendly jeans only returned prices that were out of my budget and styles that were...a bit uninspired, I was disappointed and thought I would have to compromise with some from the high street.

However, I then discovered Monkee Genes. They make a range perfect for the modern Eco Goddess; styles that surprise and prices that don't! Made without sweat shop labour and certified organic, the only difficult decision is which pair to pick!
Designs include 70s style flares, skinny unisex jeans in a range of colours, (purple, wine, lime, turquoise amongst others!) and a collection of supa skinny jeans and babycords. I am still trying to choose between skinnies and these gorgeous flares:

They are available in sizes 26" to 34" so you can get the perfect fit (and some for your boy-shape if you are feeling generous!) Prices are around an affordable £50.

Buy online, in Topshop, Oxford Circus and independents throughout the UK.

For more information visit

Facts: Organic jeans, sweat shop free, Monkee Genes.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Beware of the Dark this A/W.....BLLACK NOIR & NOIR Girls are fierce!

By Lorna

Pounding down the catwalk with smolderingly dark black Kohl eyes and poker straight hair, these girls have a darkness about them that is both breathtakingly beautiful and strikingly fierce. They will look incredible, dress immaculately stylishly and eat your boyfriends for breakfast! These are no ordinary eco-goddesses... dressed in glittering molten shades these Noir girls are a whole new breed of eco sophistication and sex appeal! 

BLLACK NOIR is the new diffusion line from NOIR (launched last year), and is described as a brand for young eco aware women with a look that’s edgy, exclusive and rock ‘n’ roll.  For this season (A/W 09-10) Ingwersen (founder of Noir) stated that he wanted the Noir and Bllack Noir collections to show that "sexiness, luxury, fashion and corporate social responsibility can work beautifully together in harmony".  This statement was followed by an array of beautifully sharp tailored jackets, skinny fitted pants and liquid draped looks in every molten shade imaginable. Heavily sequined Harem pants and flowing diaphanous bandeau gowns set the mood for a darkly enchanting luxe Noir collection.

As a self-confessed fashion addict, Noir is one of my favorite brands. Noir was founded in 2007 with a mission to be " the first brand to bring sophistication and sexiness to corporate social responsibility". I discovered Noir whilst at University studying fashion... I had by then decided I wanted to be an ethical designer and in a market flooded with hemp t-shirts, I lusted for a taste of high fashion in the ethical market, then came LFW A/W 06 07 and the 1st Noir collection...
I’ll be honest in terms of design crushes...that was it.... I was in LoVE! 3 years later and I remain a massive fan of this label, (to the point where I booked a weekend trip to Copenhagen last Christmas just so that I could meet Mr Ingwersen for a coffee.) Seriously eco-goddesses take my word for it.... check out this label.... it is SO ROCK & ROLL, IT HURTS!
The BLLACK NOIR A/W 09 collection is now available at 
The NOIR A/W 09 collection is available at Harvey Nichols in London (see NOIR website for other stockists)

Get Ethletic with eco sneakers...

By Lorna

Now don’t get me wrong... I LOVE HEELS as much as the next eco goddess....but somedays (usually after a late night out dancing), my feet pure and simply just need a rest!

Luckily my toes can now find solace in this PERFECT pair of low cut ECO SNEAKERS...

ETHLETIC sneakers are made with Fair-trade certified and organic cotton. They also havefair trade rubber soles that carry the logo of the Forest Stewardship Council so that almost every material part of the sneakers is fair trade and ecologically certified.

A Fair Trade premium is paid to the rubber producers in Sri Lanka and the construction of ETHLETIC sneakers is covered by a fair trade project that supports workers and their families in Pakistan. The Fair Trade premium there helps pay for health insurance for the workers and a micro credit scheme.

Whether you are a self confessed sports nut planning your next marathon or your feet are just in need of some recovery time from your 6” heels, these uber comfortable eco trainers are a steal at £37.50! 

Not only that but they come in black, black & white, dark navy, olive, orange, pretty pink, bright red, white..... (then there’s the high tops.....)

Available from  

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My top 10 green and ethical Christmas wishlist

by Naomi

Christmas is just around the corner so it is time to put together our letters to Santa! This is my first Christmas as a fledgling Eco Goddess so I am doing my best to be planet-friendly, both in what I am giving and asking for. I know there are a lot of eco goddesses in the same boat so I have been scouring the high street and internet for the most covetable things to add to your wishlist and here are my personal favourites:

1) Karin Andreasson necklace
Welcome the New Year in with this sweet and dreamy necklace that will look perfect with that stylish party dress! I am a big fan of all things fairytale-inspired and that is what designer Karin Andreasson specialises in. Made in the UK, the handmade sterling silver mirror is accompanied by a sterling silver, gold plated bow. At £119 I will have to wish hard but it will be worth it! Price: £119.

2) Little leather satchel
This bag is calling my name! Now I know leather is something that divides Eco Goddesses, but for those who do wear it (myself included), at least there are brands out there offering conscientious options! This little beauty of a bag is made by Shimalin, a small UK-based company that ensure that the skilled craftsmen and women that make their products are paid a fair wage. Part of the brand's 'Good Enough to Eat' collection (I second that!), the bag is available in four shades; Caramel (pictured left), Toffee, Chocolate and Liquorice. Priced around £70, they are currently only available in a few select boutiques around Sussex meaning you may have to search to get your hands on one. But with designs this delectable I hope they will be available far and wide soon! Stockists include; Apres Chocolat, Cordelia James, Covet, All Wrapped Up, Papillon and Pardon My French in Brighton. Price: around £70.

3) Sexy sustainable lingerie
If you are anything like me, you're the sort of girl who every now and again accidentally tucks your skirt into your knickers so at least make sure they make a statement. With designs this cute it might even become a trend! I love Hemprose's Hemptease panties which are a pocket-friendly £9.95, made from hemp and will literally help spread the Eco Goddess word! Hemp is fabulous as it doesn't require pesticides or heavy irrigation and these little numbers are available in grass green (pictured), chestnut brown, natural hemp and burnt orange. Price: £9.95.

Feel like a princess with a pair of handmade knickers from Knickers in a Box! Calling all guys looking for the perfect ethical and eco-friendly gift for their girlfriends: these super-sexy knickers are handmade meaning each pair is unique (just like your lady - come on I'm doing all the hard work for you!) Fabrics range from cottons to silk and with a range of styles you will be sure to find something to suit. They even make designs to order! Prices are around £35 per pair and they come wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper, a transparent box and a satin ribbon. Girls, if your man is the type that needs a bit of help, write down the web address and leave it on his pillow (or games console depending on where he spends the most time, both to be on the safe side!) I am officially in knicker-love! Price: £35+.

4) Jacey Withers Gold & Silver Ship Earrings
Ahoy there! These British-made earrings are just...well...excellent. A wonderful gift for any wannabe-Pirate, these would look stunning with a simple top and a messy up-do. Price: £120.

5) H&M Organic nightwear
H&M are at the forefront of the eco and ethical movement on the high street. Their collection of 100% organic cotton nightwear is lovely and a bargain to boot. It includes cute nighties, thermal twin sets and comfy pj trousers. I already have a pair with a pretty pink and grey rose pattern and a satin waist tie and they were only £12.99! Price: £3.99 - £12.99.

6) Terra Plana Vianna Button Boot
At £200 the chance of me ever owning a pair of these boots is slim, but they are sooo pretty I felt it necessary to share them with you! The Victorian-inspired button detailing and light grey shade makes them ultra-feminine, yet they are practical enough for everyday wear. Made from vegetable tanned leather and featuring an eco memory foam sole, they really do tick all the boxes! Price: £200.

7) Sewing box
I am not much of a seamstress, however I do attempt as many repairs on clothes as possible. A new set of buttons is a great way to re-invent a coat or cardigan, especially when you can get so many cheap buttons in charity shops or at local markets. I think it is about time I invested in a box to keep all my buttons, threads and ribbons in and luckily there are lots of cute ones to choose from. John Lewis has really latched on to the burgeoning trend for 'Make do and Mend' with a range of budget sewing machines and adorable sewing boxes. Prices for sewing boxes range from £19-50+ depending on size. Alternatively, ebay has a wide selection of second-hand beauties. Price: £5-50.

8) Environmental Justice Foundation T-shirt
Cute designs for a good cause. The t-shirts are 100% organic cotton, the printing is Soil Association certified and the cotton is guaranteed not to come from Uzbekistan where there is widespread use of state-sponsored child labour. Loads of designers have teamed up with the EJF to create a stylish collection including Giles Deacon, Zhandra Rhodes, Luella Bartley, Christian Lacroix and John Rocha. My personal favourite is Betty Jackson's White Gold design (pictured). Price: £30.

9) Nubar nail polishes
Having been recently converted to Nubar's eco-friendly range in this post I am now hoping that Santa will bring me a few more shades to add to my collection. They are formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene and carcinogen free. I particularly like shades pretty pink Red Sea Coral, hot pink Contempo and deep red Barbera - a perfect cranberry shade for winter. Price: £8.

10) Stocking fillers:
Jergens Natural Moisturiser: paraben free, cruelty free, made in the UK and around 95% natural ingredients. Oh and they smell great too.
Body Shop Organic Cotton Wool Rounds: so much softer than the rest!
Divine Chocolate: is what it says on the label! It's fairtrade and was started by cocoa farmers in Ghana; it remains 45% farmer-owned. I love the Orange Milk Chocolate bar, but hope I get to try a few others this Christmas!
Williamson Teas: I have developed a slightly unhealthy addiction to these fair trade teas. Delicately flavoured and available in lovely elephant gift tins, they look simply splendid in the kitchen and can be used as storage tins when finished.

For more information visit:
Facts: 1) Made in the UK, 2) Fairtrade 3) i) Made from hemp, ii) Handmade, 4) Made in the UK, 5) 100% Organic, 6) Terra Plana, vegetable tanned leather 7) Make do and mend, vintage, 8) 100% Organic Cotton, Soil Association Certified 9) Free from formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene and carcinogens, 10) Natural ingredients, Organic cotton, Fairtrade.