Friday, 23 July 2010

The Great FAshion Cycle... London to PAris!

By Lorna
Whilst scoping out new luscious eco brands at the Clothes Show in December I had the pleasure of bumping into Larissa from the EJF (Environmental Justice Foundation) who told me about this ‘‘amazing experience’’ which I "should DEFINITELY get involved in’’.

When she asked me to cycle 300 miles between two of the greatest fashion capitals of the world for one of the most active charities campaigning for human rights in the fashion industry, the only answer I could stutter was." sure?!"  

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I got home late that night and signed up. I awoke the following morning in a slight panic thinking "what the hell have I let myself in for??!!" Setting aside the fact that I had not sat on a bike since I was young enough to play kiss-chase, I didn’t even OWN a bike or have any idea how I was going to raise the min sponsorship of £1300!! Eeks!!

Fast-forward 6 months, throw in some major support from amazing friends, family and colleagues, 1 cupcake sale, 2 car-boots, 15 training sessions, a few sleepless nights, and I was raring to go!!
Call me naive, but I had a romantic image of cycling gently through beautiful French rolling hills, stopping to sip cappuccinos and wave to local farmers. Little did I realise this ‘multiple marathon’ would involve cycling the steepest hills known to man (well... to me!), against 50km head on winds and through multiple rain storms. Luckily the weather did eventually improve and the beautiful scenery took our minds off the distance!
Despite the leg muscle pain, punctures, sore bums, and all else we endured on the cycle, I met some really inspirational lovely people, did something I can be proud of and raised lots of money for an amazing cause. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me along the ride! Your generosity honestly got me to the top of each and every steep hill!
EJF is committed to eradicating child labour and the deadliest pesticides from cotton production and promoting organic alternatives.To get involved in an amazing experience for an incredible cause, sign up for next years Great Fashion Cycle by emailing Larissa at 
To find out more about EJF’s Pick Your Cotton Carefully campaign, watch this video

Facts: 300miles Charity Cycle for Environmental Justice Foundation

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  1. well done, for your great achievement for a very important cause!!
    u'r inspirational!