Monday, 27 September 2010

Get soul with your soles!

by Naomi

If you're one of those that refuses to give up wearing summer shoes when Autumn arrives, then you will love TOMS shoes!

TOMS makes super funky espadrilles in all sorts of fabrics and patterns, and for every pair bought it gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need; one of the key causes of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted disease which can be caught through bare feet, not to mention the risks of injury and infection from walking barefoot.

There are classic designs like these black TOMS (£32):

Or graphic neon numbers like these by artist Gabe Lacktman ($68):

Or my personal favourites, these amazing glitter designs!

Get creative with the white TOMS (£32) and paint them with your own design - you could even host a Style Your Sole party and get all your girls/boys creating their own unique TOMS!

Just check out these pair customised by Regan in Texas - beautiful!

There are organic cotton vegan styles, leather styles and they even do a range of boots (because there are some days when you really can't get away with wearing canvas shoes!)

TOMS is setting a trend across the globe having made an amazing achievement and just given away its millionth pair of shoes!

Buy them from TOMS US or TOMS UK.

Facts: TOMS shoes, one for one, canvas and cotton espasrilles, Style Your Sole parties.

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