Friday, 6 November 2009

Organic jeans for a nifty fifty!

by Naomi

After my initial search for some planet-friendly jeans only returned prices that were out of my budget and styles that were...a bit uninspired, I was disappointed and thought I would have to compromise with some from the high street.

However, I then discovered Monkee Genes. They make a range perfect for the modern Eco Goddess; styles that surprise and prices that don't! Made without sweat shop labour and certified organic, the only difficult decision is which pair to pick!
Designs include 70s style flares, skinny unisex jeans in a range of colours, (purple, wine, lime, turquoise amongst others!) and a collection of supa skinny jeans and babycords. I am still trying to choose between skinnies and these gorgeous flares:

They are available in sizes 26" to 34" so you can get the perfect fit (and some for your boy-shape if you are feeling generous!) Prices are around an affordable £50.

Buy online, in Topshop, Oxford Circus and independents throughout the UK.

For more information visit

Facts: Organic jeans, sweat shop free, Monkee Genes.

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