Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Attention please!

by Naomi.

I would just like to say....

I LOVE this H&M dress! 100% recycled polyester. £14.99. What else needs to be said?

Only one thing left to decide.....

Cornflower blue...

or sunshine yellow?

Decisions decisions....

Facts: H&M summer ruffle dress, 100% recycled polyester £14.99.


  1. hi, where can i order this dress online?? ive searched the website but cant find it anywhere! :( please email me: thank you!! x nina x

    1. Hi Nina, I'm afraid this post was written a year ago so the dress is probably not in stores or online anymore. You could try Ebay for a second hand one?

      We'll keep posting pretty summer dresses as we find new ones so please subscribe to get the newest eco-info to your email! thanx! xx