Sunday, 30 January 2011

Compassionate Fashion - Gucci & UNICEF

By Lorna 

Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini will be honoured on February 11th 2011 at UNICEF's annual Women of Compassion luncheon. Jennifer Lopez will present the award with honorary chairwomen Rihanna and Mary J Blige.

Under Frida Giannini's direction, Gucci has committed over $9million to UNICEF to support UNICEF orphans and children affected by AIDS in Africa, where over 11 million children have lost one or both parents to the disease. This has been achieved through various special projects and commissioned exclusive design pieces for Gucci to retail. The most recent of these projects was a special edition Sukey bag which has been stocked in Gucci stores in 20 countries with 25% of the retail price donated.

"Gucci's ongoing commitment is helping UNICEF and our partners reach our goal of benefiting 4 million children through the Schools for Africa campaign."

"For most of Africa's children, particularly orphans and children affected by HIV and AIDS, education represents a way out of a life of entrenched poverty,” said Nichole Brown, UNICEF Chief of Corporate and Foundation Fundraising. “By providing children with access to a quality education in a safe and protective environment, we are building better lives for not only these children, but future generations as well."
When you look at the problems people face all over the world, it is easy to feel helpless. That is why these Women of Compassion awards are so important; they are inspiration to the likes of women (and men) in industries everywhere that it is possible to make a difference and improve our world for the better, congratulations Frida!  
Find more info on the Gucci and UNICEF partnership, at Gucci or UNICEF

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