Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ditch the wrapping paper for something more stylish!

by Naomi

I've already got Christmas fever! And....I've been inspired! Wrapping paper is convenient and pretty cheap but soo wasteful, so why not go for something a little more creative?

Such a simple idea, but done so effectively, the Evergreen Wrap is a resuable wrap that can be used to turn almost any shape prezzie into a fabulously wrapped work of art! There are loads of tutorials on their website that show you exactly how to wrap your gift of choice.

The nordic ski pattern on this special Christmas design is tugging on my heart strings!

Another idea I have used for gifts for girlies is to make a little cotton drawstring bag - they are great as you can recycle fabric (cotton or poly-cotton works well) and add on little decorations to personalise them! They can be reused as gift bags, or to keep shoes or laundry neat when staying away! Perfick!

I use a pattern similar to the wonderful Cherry Menlove's one here. I will try and upload some piccies of Xmas bags soon!


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