Wednesday, 5 October 2011

DIY printing... a new project!

By Lorna

I bought a really cool book last month on ''hand printing techniques and truly original projects.'' Its name alone intrigued me! Finally a book which could help me slowly and confidently get into the messy delights of hand printing. The author, Christine Schmidt, neither treats you as a child nor an artist but instead delivers beautifully concise direction and wonderful illustrations to allow full clarity.  She has been printing for years and offers genuine well practiced advice. The book is a joy to read even if you have not yet put ink to paper (which I guiltily haven't)!
As inspiration to get my printing hobby to get started - I have found the perfect aids. Wandering around Camden in the sun this monday I saw a shop full of ecclectic treasures from India. What attracted my interest immediatly was a bowl of hand carved indian printing blocks. There were £4 each and I imagine most people would buy them as an orniment or decoration. Perfect tools for a first time hand-printer. The timing couldn't be better... 3 months until (dare I say it....) Christmas!! I'm completely ashamed to mention it so early but if you are intending to DIY any lovely presents then now is a good time to start thinking up some projects!
Printing is a brilliantly simple way to re-use charity shop/ vintage fabrics, upcycle old clothing and give long forgotten treasures some new life. I'm going to 'attempt' to make some little make-up bags using vintage fabrics and my new print blocks. If successful I will post full instructions and patterns here so you can make some too!! watch this space for Ecogoddess DIY projects....

Facts: Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, Upcycled presents, Handmade, DIY, Indian hand carved blocks.

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